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"John made complex jargon simple and built my confidence"



Financial management is a key skill for all leaders and managers. For non-profit organisations, its effective use can make the difference between the organisation achieving its objectives or being unable to attract funders. Directors and senior managers need a good working knowledge of these skills.

This coaching/facilitation provides a thinking space. It provides inputs of tools and techniques to use to keep the financial side of the organisation in good order. It can introduce ways to build strong financial capacity which can result in increased programme effectiveness. It might offer answers to the following questions:

  • what's financial management all about?
  • what are the key monthly checks to be control of the finances?
  • what financial and management systems need to be in place?
  • how do I identify a fraud before it happens?
  • how do I develop the financial skills of my staff and trustees?
  • what use can I make of my year-end accounting information?
  • how can I use risk management to be aware of what could go wrong?
  • what is meant by reserves and how do I use them creatively?

The tutor will work with individuals or a small group, starting where people are. Their own skills may develop over two or three sessions, allowing thinking time to assess how to achieve personal or organisational aims.

Coaching would be appropriate for those wanting confidential input about financial subjects, maybe because their role is new, or that no one as ever explained how to manage the finances, in a straightforward way.

Facilitation may be appropriate when an independent catalyst is needed to allow creative thinking.  

Contact John to discuss your individual needs.